Žofín ForestGEO

The core area of the Žofín virgin forest has been a part of world network ForestGEO (former SIGEO) since 2012. Research network ForestGEO is the only standardized global network of forest-ecological research dealing with all biomes. Research plots included in the network represent circa 80% of forests covering the Earth. The network was established in 1980 and initially focused only on tropical forests (CTFS). Later, it included sub-tropical forests and forests from other biomes.

ForestGEO Network

  • 59 sites included (see map above)
  • 1653 ha of forest covered
  • 5.68 milions of trees registered

Tree Record

  • All alive individuals of d.b.h. 1 cm and more to be recorded
  • --Survey tree position (coordinates)
  • --Measurement of d.b.h.
  • --Tagging tree by the identifier
  • All procedure should be repeated after 5 years

Census 2012 Summary [pdf: 64 kB]

 Climatic station inside plot - data online



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