About website

The web page NATURALFORESTS.CZ intends to clearly and comprehensively inform you about the issues of research and monitoring of natural forests in the Czech Republic. They also bring complex information and reports about current extent and condition of natural forests to all potential users, among which we include the general public seeking basic information and links about this topic.

The web page is managed by the Department of Forest Ecology from Silva Tarouca Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental Gardening, Pub. Res. Inst. For more comfortable reading and better comprehension of all terms, we recommend starting with input information about individual spheres of researched field.

NATURALFORESTS.CZ should be a living system and thus we welcome your comments and suggestions for improvement. Unwanted neglect of some sources, respondents etc. might have occurred during the data preparation and forming links. We are ready to gradually add or correct them on the basis of your remarks.

The data layer of natural forests is available as a wms service on maps servers of Nature Conservation Agency and Forest Management Institute.

New programme application 3D Forest has been developed for data processing acquired by terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) of forests. It would be aimed at automated dendrometry and individual tree identification.