27 May 2020

The BlueCat Research Team has founded their official Instagram. From now on, you can follow more news on research in old-growth forests in pictorial form also there.

25 May 2020

The 4th dendrometry re-census (1973, 1994, 2006, 2020) at floodplain alluvial hardwood forest sites Ranšpurk (22,3 ha) and Cahnov-Soutok (15,0 ha) in Czechia was accomplished through March-May.

6 March 2020

ForestGEO NEWS BLOG at Spotlight Series brought interview with Kamil Král focused on 3D approach in Zofin Forest Dynamics Plot structure and dynamics research.

3 February 2020

We achieve the article How cyclical and predictable are Central European temperate forest dynamics in terms of development phases? (Read the article) has been frequently tracked and cited (Learn More). 

31 January 2020

The article of 3D Forest (Trochta et al. 2017) has been ranked among the PLOS ONE 10% top-cited contributions published in 2017. Thank you for your interest! 

26 July 2019

The 4th tree census was realized at Boubin natural forest (46ha) through May-June. Initial survey at Hadecka planinka research plot (10ha) followed on July. All live and dead stems with diameter of 10cm+ were (re-)measured.

7 March 2019

As at March 1, Kamil KRÁL has become new head of Forest Ecology Department, replacing Tomáš VRŠKA. Libor HORT has been named as the deputy.

14 June 2018

The fourth census have been started at Salajka natural forest in May. Preceding whole-area measurements were made in 1974, 1994 and 2007.

23 May 2017

Repeated census at Zofin ForestGEO plot (25 ha) has begun, 5 year after the initial survey. All stems with DBH of 1cm and more would be (re-)measured.

21 April 2016

New climatic station was installed at the Zofin Forest Dynamics Plot. Current values, archived data and time flow of basic climatic features are available.