Digital data according to their nature are managed in these sections of the Databank:

  • OdkazData GIS (spatially referenced data about localities of natural forests, inventory plots, mapped areas, trees)
  • OdkazPhoto gallery (photo archive with metadata database linked to GIS databases)
  • OdkazPedological database (database linked to GIS databases)
  • OdkazDendrological database (adjusted and analysed databases taken from tree/stem GIS layer)
  • OdkazPhytological database
  • OdkazInput texts for research (literature and sources)
  • OdkazOutput texts of research (own publications, co-authored publications)
  • OdkazIndividual data (e.g. regeneration management, care plans, etc.)
  • OdkazOther data

Organizational structure of the Databank more or less reflects structure of the page. Data in the Databank can be divided into:

  • OdkazBasic data (tabular and geographical information from surveys)
  • OdkazFollow-up data (evaluation of surveys, data syntheses, typological analyses etc.)