From 1992 till present

In 1992, the Czech National Council adopted the Act No. 114/1992 Coll. On nature conservation and landscape protection which was in comparison to the previous state of nature conservation very modern. Not only protection of special protected areas (including new categorization) was legally anchored but the act also enabled protection of e.g. valuable old trees, establishment of territorial system of ecological stability in cultural landscape, etc. National nature protection acquired important competences in administration, planning and the management of protected areas.

In 1995, Act No. 289/1995 Col. about forests was adopted. It replaced unsuitable socialist laws about forests (federal Czechoslovak Act No. 61/1977 Col. On forests, and Czech Act No. 96/1977 Col. On management in forests and state forest management). The Act also introduces forest functions and publicly declares interest of the society in the implementation of sustainable forest management.

Government Decree No. 53 from January 13 2003 approved National Forestry Programme (NFP), following obligatory international and national programme and policy documents (3rd Ministerial Conference on the Protection of European Forests in Lisbon – 1998; resolution of the Council of Europe “On forestry strategy for the EU” – 1998; 6th session of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity in Hague – 2002). The NFP was developed as a joint document of the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Environment. One of the nine chapters of the NFP is called “Forests in the specially protected areas” and it seeks to analyse problems and propose solutions to the problems of forest management in specially protected areas.